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Capability Areas 

Disruptive Technology Associates provides expertise in the following capability areas:


Systems Engineering

  • Satellite Systems Concept Development
  • Concept of Operations Development
  • Systems Requirements Documents
  • Orbital Analysis and Modeling
  • Orbital Debris Mitigation Studies
  • Communications Protocol Engineering (LTE, 3GPP, GSM, Networking, Wireless, etc.)
  • System Timing and Synchronization
  • Connectivity Establishment and Management Systems Engineering
  • Satellite Communications Mission Ground Systems Design
  • Service Development Concepts, Requirements, Architecture, Functional Descriptions


  • Software Engineering/Development (team augmentation and turn-key)
  • Specialized Timing and Synchronization Hardware Solutions
  • Mechanical Design/Development (racks, special fixtures, etc.)

Integration and Test

  • Test Program Approach and Methodologies
  • Test Plans
  • Test Procedures
  • Test Execution
  • Test Automation
  • Special Test Equipment/Simulators/Emulators
  • Defect Tracking and Resolution
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Formal Acceptance Testing
  • Turn Key Test Labs and Test Programs

Systems Engineering Technical Assistance

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Technical Vendor Oversight
  • Acceptance Test Support

Additive Manufacturing

  • 3D design services
  • 3D printing in metals (including titanium), composites and plastics
  • 3D reverse engineering (physical items -> CAD files via automated software process)
  • 3D inspection (item to item or item to design file comparison)



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