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Manufacturing Services 

Disruptive Technology Associates offers assistance to manufacturers and product development organizations that are either considering outsourcing manufacturing or already using a contract manufacturer.  Our experts have worked extensively in both OEM and contract manufacturing and they understand what drives and motivates the industry.   


Disruptive Tech can help you to achieve the relationship with your contract manufacturer that you need to be successful.


Whether you are a Fortune 50 giant, or a small to medium manufacturer, we understand the challenges of selecting and working with a contract manufacturer.  We can assist you with establishing and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with your contract manufacturer.


If you are:


  • Just starting out with contract manufacturing and not sure what risks and issues to expect?
  • Experiencing ongoing pricing, delivery, quality, or supply chain issues and can’t seem to get them under control?
  • Seeing your on-time delivery, yield, and quality metrics fall?
  • Experiencing excuses and blame from your CM about issues?
  • Thinking about changing your CM and need to vet CM facilities and services to ensure your needs and goals are addressed?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Disruptive Tech can help!


Please check out our recent presentation on making the most and the best of your contract manufacturing relationship here.  This presentation provides an overview of what you should be looking for in a contract manufacturing relationship and how to deal with issues associated with your contract manufacturing.


Disruptive Tech’s team of industry experts can assist you with establishing and maintaining the performance that you need from your outsourced manufacturing.


Consider the following:


  • Many companies struggle with contract manufacturing issues, frequently lacking the expertise or key personnel to provide the necessary oversight in the form of onsite presence, reporting, and analysis 
  • Often the primary issue is that you have staffed your company to design and engineer a top-quality product, while entrusting the actual manufacturing to an outside source that is quick to assure you that they have your best interests in mind
  • Re-tasking your in-house engineering design team to solve manufacturing and quality issues in the field may not be an effective use of their time or a good match for their skills


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