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Our purpose is to provide technical services that enable your business.

Disruptive Technology Associates, Ltd. is a catalyst for technology developers and innovators. We provide engineering expertise, consulting and sales support to technology development, manufacturers, and end user businesses.

Our Engineering Services group provides systems engineering, development and testing services in the domains of terrestrial and satellite communications systems including multi-satellite constellations, advanced data analytics, knowledge engineering, and pattern recognition. We also support the development of new services in the satellite communications arena including product definition, roadmaps and management services.

Our Manufacturing Services group provides full lifecycle consulting, professional services, and manufacturing support for small and large scale manufacturing and industrial companies. Our capabilities include providing assistance with Contract Manufacturing issues as well as manufacturing-related design and testing.

About Disruptive Technologies:

Disruptive technologies are game changers. They are the advances that make possible meaningful changes in people’s lives and businesses.  They fundamentally alter how things are done and turn established value propositions on end.  They are revolutionary.
In business, recognizing and adopting disruptive technologies can mean the difference between becoming an industry leader and becoming obsolete. 

It is important to realize that the disruptive technology landscape is constantly changing and to a great extent the disruptive aspect of any technology has to first be recognized as such before its potential can be realized.  Often this is not as obvious as it sounds. McKinsey & Company has an interesting report on disruptive technologies that can be found here.   

You may contact us at info@disruptivetech-ltd.com.

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